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Are You PsychED Up To Build Your Dream Business?

The Psychology for Enterprise Development!

Do you have the right mindset to set up your dream business?  Are you PsychED Up and turned ON for success?

If not, read on to find out what you can do to get PsychED Up – the right Psychology for Enterprise Development and build your dream business.

Most people think successful entrepreneurs just got lucky!! What they don’t see is all the painful experiences and emotions they had to overcome:
  • all the struggles,
  • the daily rejection,
  • the betrayals,
  • the criticism,
  • the empty bank accounts, and
  • the lonely nights to make their vision a reality.
Successful entrepreneurs are hero’s in our book. They have true grit and are prepared to pay the price to get paid the price.  They are PsychED Up:
  • they show up every day,
  • they work hard every day,
  • they hustle every day,
  • they learn from a proven mentor every day,
  • they improve every day,
  • they do this even though they felt like quitting every day, and
  • eventually they become who they are today.
The reasons why people fail to build their dream business

Most people will never build their dream business or live their passion because they are  PsychED Out – They do not have the right Psychology for Enterprise Development, they have a limiting mindset because of the following three reasons:

  • They don’t have compelling enough reasons to succeed when the going gets tough.
  • They have limiting belief systems such as “it won’t work”, “I can’t do it”, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works”.
  • They don’t consistently manage their state – you can’t achieve anything great being in a lazy, angry, depressed, or quitter state of mind.


Success is 80% psychology and 20% opportunity. So if you want to build that dream business you better get in the right mindset.

 3 Tips to getting PsychED Up to build your dream business

Anyone who does something magnificent is someone that does something in a standard of outstanding. Outstanding must become the new standard for your success. Achieving this standard doesn’t come from skill; it comes from heart and mindset being PsychED Up.

Building your dream business does not respond to WANT! It responds to ACTION!  And to take consistent and sustained action requires that you be PsychED UP.

Here are three Tips to get PsychED UP – to turn yourself on:

1. Get excited – up your attitude:

Nothing happens until someone gets excited; in fact you cannot be born unless one of your parents got excited!  Think about it…

There is a big difference between water at 211 degrees and water at 212 degrees.  At 211 degrees it’s just hot water, at 212 degrees it boils.  We have to get ourselves to a full boil.  And all it takes is a small 1% increase each day to up our attitude: to do  little more than you are paid to, to give a little more than you have to, to try a little harder than you want to, to aim a little higher than you think possible, to expect the best and get it.

2. Create conviction – believe in yourself and the opportunity: 

Make sure to daily do a checkup from the neck-up! Get rid of the debilitating stories that keep you zigging around in circles, often on someone else’s path going nowhere, living a life of mediocrity and being unfulfilled.

Your beliefs about yourself and your opportunity are the foundation for success in building the business of your dreams.  Beliefs control what we see, think, feel, and do.  Beliefs are forces that control all the decisions we make.

To build your dream business, you need positive beliefs about yourself, your circumstances, your ability, and what it takes to run a business.  Remember, there is no specific gender, race, or age to become an entrepreneur. You can start a business with virtually nothing and you can start a business with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Part of the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you do not need a degree or MBA to set up and run a business.  Do what you are good at and love to do.

3. Create a sense of urgency – understand your reason “why”: 

If your reason why doesn’t make you cry, it is not strong enough – you will not create the urgency for committed and sustained action to build your dream business.

Understanding your reason “why” is what motivates you as a person to succeed for yourself and others and the stronger the reason “why” the more urgency is created to achieve. Some reasons “why” may include: the freedom lifestyle, work on projects you don’t need a vacation from, more time with family – doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and as much as you want)!

If you don’t know your “why” (what you want), then start with what you don’t want (a boss, waking up, somebody telling me what to do, having more month at the end of the money)!

Call to Action

No matter what you do…until someone tells you that you are crazy, you are not working hard enough – you are not PshchED UP to build your dream business.

For any success in life, you need to take all out massive action and be obsessed! Be on fire every day and don’t let anyone put it out! In doing so you will build a business of your dreams and a life you don’t need a vacation from.  Be bold…don’t wait for anything.  Be a little crazy (PsychED Up) and go for it!

If you’re ready to apply the principles above and take charge by building the business of your dreams, we want to hear from you! You don’t have to do this alone and we certainly don’t recommend it.

We have started a community of like-minded people who insist on working and living the way they choose.

Join our community at and start to get PshychED Up and live your passion.


 “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar


With gratitude,

Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis

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